Protect Your Finances

Personal Insurance and wealth creation go hand in hand. An effective risk management strategy is crucial to ensuring your long term financial success. At CPR Wealth we believe that a comprehensive financial plan should address the need for Life insurance, Total and Permanent Disablement insurance (TPD), Income Protection insurance (IP or TSC) and trauma Insurance. Depending on your situation you may also require insurance to protect other family members, business associates or a business itself.

CPR WEALTH advisers will provide you advice on the most appropriate course of action to determine you insurance needs. While insurance doesn’t remove the risk of something going wrong, it can provide you and your family with protection, compensation and financial security if something does happen.

Part of your wealth protection strategy is to ensure that your wealth is passed on to the intended family members ‘or recipients with minimal tax consequences. At CPR Wealth we will work with network of legal professionals to guide you through what can be a complex process regrading Estate planning.


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