Planning Your Retirement

Careful planning before you retire can make a big difference to your superannuation balance and other investments in your retirement nest egg, making it last longer and giving you peace of mind that you’re hard earned wealth is protected. Our aim is to assist you to invest and structure you accumulated wealth so that you can generate sufficient income to meet your living expenses in retirement.

Superannuation is an investment that the majority of us that work or have worked at one point in time will have. For most, it will end up being the biggest investment they hold outside the family home and is an investment for the future.  It is really important that you understand why you need it, what you’re entitled to, how you can grow your superannuation and how you can best manage this money for your retirement.

Do you know;

  • The incentives available on the rate of tax paid on contributions to superannuation?
  • The incentives available on the rate of tax paid on the earnings on investments held within superannuation?
  • The benefits of having a Self-Managed Super Fund?
  • If you are in the most appropriate investment option for you?
  • If you have enough insurance cover based on your individual needs?
  • The benefits of increasing your super contributions?
  • What happens to your super if something happens to you?

Transition To Retirement

Transitioning to Retirement strategies aim to boost your superannuation savings in a tax effective manner. They can also enable you to ease your way out of the workforce by reducing the number of hours you work without causing financial stress due to the related reduction of earned income.

For business owners, we will work with you to put in place business succession plans, networking with solicitors and accounting professionals to ensure tax concessions available are fully utilised to maximise the assets available to meet retirement income needs.


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