Your wedding day will be one of the most memorable days of your life, with all the preparations and planning finally culminating into the final Big day event. This day is the start of life together as husband and wife.
However there are a multitude of issues to consider both before and after the event

  • How will you pay for those weddings bills?
  • Have you sorted out your investment plans for future shared goals, as opposed to being individuals?
  • How do you ensure that going forward each partner is financially protected?
  • Does one partner bring a significant amount of wealth into the relationship that they want protected in the event of marriage breakdown?
  • If this marriage is not the first for one or both partners, does this create estate planning issues?


For most a relationship breakdown and divorce can be one of the most stressful periods of your life and there are many financial implications to consider. People can find themselves worrying about;

  • What all of your financial entitlements are?
  • How to unravel shared finances fairly?
  • What happens with the family home?
  • Trying to understand what your superannuation entitlements are?
  • Whether you will retain your personal insurance cover?
  • Will you be able to cope on a single income?
  • Being aware of any Centrelink entitlements and benefits?
  • Being aware that divorce affects the validity of your Will?

The financial consequences of divorce can be immense, and this is an incredible complicated area with many potential pitfalls. We will work with your legal representatives in an effort to ensure any assets retained from your divorce are structured effectively as you move forward with your life.


Estate planning involves working out the best way to distribute your personal possessions and financial assets when you die. The more complicated your personal and financial affairs, the more important it is to have an estate plan. At a time when your family are struggling to deal with complex and mixed emotions, the last thing you want is for those remaining to be concerned about your financial affairs.

An estate plan is much more than just having a will. It is important that you can answer the following questions.

  • What happens if you die without a will?
  • What should you consider when preparing a will?
  • When should you update your will?
  • What is not distributed through your will?
  • If you have a will, do you have a ‘testamentary trust’ established?
  • Do you have enduring powers of attorney?
  • Did you know that your superannuation assets are not distributed via your will?
  • Have you thought about who would take care of your children, if something happened to you?

Starting A Family

Starting a family is one of most exciting, and daunting, experiences that we can face. Going forward your life and possibly that of your partner will be irreversibly changed. Having children comes with a big price, quite literally. And without proper preparation and care, managing the costs of raising children can be quite daunting. Things that should be considered include;

  • Reviewing your personal insurance to protect your new family.
  • How you will cope financially on one income?
  • What Centrelink benefits you may be entitled to?
  • Whether you will need a bigger home, and new car?
  • Ensuring you have a well-structured ‘Estate Plan’.


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